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How much does editing cost?

Copyediting is calculated on two main things. The first is total word count, and the second is the complexity of language. As an example; a university physics book will likely contain a more complex writing style and word use compared to an everyday vampire fiction novel. This is why editing is quoted per project because every book is unique.

What type of editing services do you offer?

There are two types of editing. One is our Standard Edit which is just one pass through your whole manuscript by one of our professional, unbiased copyeditors.
The second option is our Comprehensive Edit which is a two-pass process between you and the editor. Once the first main edit pass is complete you’ll then address any comments or queries the editor has provided to you. Once you’ve gone through your edit you can pass back your revised manuscript to your editor along with any questions you would like addressed. Your editor will then make any final amendments before sending you the finalised manuscript ready for the next stage of the publishing process.
For more editing information check out the editing service page here.