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What files do you provide for eBooks?

Included as part of the eBook conversion service, are two eBook files. One being an general EPUB file, and a second MOBI file for Amazon KINDLE. Both these files pass through a testing and code validation stage so there are no compatibility issues with retailers. Our eBooks are very high quality and look just like the print book in every way technically possible. So your book looks like the real deal and credible to readers, retailers and book buyers.

Will my eBook appear in colour?

This will depend on the device you’re using. Your eBook will be created using all the colour material you provide, such as your cover image and illustrations. Keep in mind, that not all eReader devices display in colour. Devices such as Kindle’s early Kindle models and new Paperwhite devices display in greyscale. New tablet devices such as iPad, Kobo, Nook Colour and Kindle Fire devices will display in full colour.

Do you do fixed-layout eBooks?

Yes we do! Fixed-layout eBooks are often used for children’s picture books or educational books. This is a special eBook format that doesn’t re-flow like a novel does when the font size is increased. Instead, fixed-layout eBooks are locked with the content appearing exactly as it’s intended without being affected by the device controls. An example of this would be a picture book that has text inside the imagery or even has audio elements included.